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ID Name Position E-Mail Address
501 McAtee, Dennis          Chief
502 Tanner, Michael 1st Asst. Chief/MCCP
503 Hefner, Terry
2nd Asst. Chief
504 Gates, Darrell 1st Captain
505 Brown, Chester 2nd Captain/President chester.brown
506 Foster, Michael
1st Lieutenant/ EMT/ Secretary
507 Umstot, Chip
2nd Lieutenant/ EMT

508 Barker, Max Safety Officer
509 Wherry, Robert
3rd Lieutenant/ EMT
510 Morrison, Jennifer Firefighter/ LPN 
511 McAtee, Adam     Firefighter
513 Thomas, Wesley Firefighter/ EMT
514 Cogar, Bethany        
Firefighter/ Paramedic
515 Hicks, Charles Firefighter
516 Gaskins, Anthony Firefighter/ EMT
517 Hall, Wesley Firefighter/ EMT/ Vice Sec.
518   Fritz, Austen
Firefighter/ EMT

519 Moore, Kenny    
Firefighter/ EMT

520 Ware, Jeremy     Firefighter/Paramedic
521 McAtee, Richard
522 Cumberledge, Coy Firefighter/ EMT
523 Satterfield, James     Firefighter         
524 Robinson, Kenny Firefighter/EMT

526 Hefner, Kris  Firefighter
527 Wherry, Rachel Firefighter/EMT
528 Lutz, Scott Firefighter/Treasurer
529 Umstot, Matt    

530 Cline, Zac Firefighter/Vice President  
531 McLaughlin, Jeff        Firefighter
532 Foster, Tara     Firefighter/ EMT
533Hall, Tyler
Firefighter/ EMT

534McClung, Ryan         Firefighter 
535     Raines, Austin Firefighter/EMT
536 Pittman, Tim    
537 Umstot, Michael

538 McAtee, Tommy

539 Orr, Michael

540 Grogg, Shawn